(AKA) Jerusalem Artichokes

This ancient vegetable is known worldwide and is being heralded now in California as the new SuperFood. Sunchokes are a cousin to the sunflower and are a native wildflower.. the Native Americans used them and some folks consider them a " wild potato"  They can be prepared any way you would use a potato.

We used to eat them raw with French onion dip when I was a child grandmother, Mama Burke, used to make the pickles every fall when my uncle Wiley would dig them for her.

The PICKLES are a sweet pickle like the old-fashioned bread and butter pickles and have a very crunchy texture much like a water chestnut. These pickles go well with so many things! On a hamburger or chopped up in potato, tuna, or chicken salad.. excellent mixed into a fresh green salad or with any traditional old-school Southern fare.

The RELISH is Zesty, not hot. Just a touch of heat from the homegrown Peppers but then it runs off to leave your taste buds wanting more! Try  the relish on any meat or add some zest to top off a grilled cheese sandwich.. great on Fourth of July hot dogs or ribs.. unparalleled with peas, greens, and cornbread  ( A regular for New Year's Day celebrations)

Our Pickles / Relish stay fresh up to a year in the refrigerator after opening and have been approved by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture and prepared by hand in small batches in a commercial kitchen.

SUNCHOKE ROOTS are for eating or for growing in beds or along a sunny fenceline...they may be used for eating any time of year ..a few days in the fridge hydration drawer will develop the sweetness France, they are cooked with white and black pepper combo. According to the French, this will help as some folks may become flatulent, especially if they need more B vitamins in their diet. I enjoy them simply sliced thin and sauteed in garlic and olive oil; nice also mixed with other veggies that go nicely with potatoes

...many recipes can be found on the internet.

Thank you and enjoy 

Sunchoke Pork Chop Recipe

Sunchoke Recipes

This chops and chokes recipe goes great with turnip greens and black beans with a little cheese on top..

  • With onions apples and sliced sunchokes added.
  • Brown chops in a little olive oil.
  • Sauté onions and apples and choked with salt pepper and cinnamon.
  • Turn to low and simmer slow and low till porkchops are fully cooked done.
  • Oh and don't forget a touch of SUNCHOKE relish with that Mmm good...

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